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Caring for Your Hat

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The Golden Rules of Cowboy Hat Care

Like a fine horse, your Kemo Sabe Cowboy Hat is ready for adventure. But just like any trusty steed, your hat needs a little TLC to stay strong on the long ride ahead.  

You’ve Got One of the Finest Hats That Money Can Buy

Here’s how to keep it looking that way.

1. Handle the Brim and Crown with Care

Treat the brim and the crown of your hat like they’re from Texas—don’t mess with them.

  • Put your hat on and take it off with the crown of the hat or the back of the brim.
  • Avoid manhandling the brim or crown. That’s how hats lose their shape.

2. Don’t Leave Your Hat Laying Around

If you need your hat at hand (which you should, Cowpoke) then get a proper hat stand. But if you don’t have one when you need it, here’s what you should do.

  • In a pinch, put it on a post or coat rack so it’s being supported from the inside.
  • If you have to lay it down, flip it over on the crown—never place it on its brim, it loses shape this way.
  • If you plan on storing it (shame on you), put your hat in the box it came in or a classy replacement.

3. Remember to Keep Things Cool

Excess heat will wear your hat out faster than Jesse James could draw a six shooter.

  • Store your hat in a cool and dry place. Heat will shrink it, since it is made of 100% fur.
  • Never leave your hat in your car or truck (Think hot Summer days)

4. If Your Hat Gets Wet, Let Nature Do the Drying

Patience is the name of the game. Hats are supposed to get wet and snowy and it’s okay when they do!

  • DO NOT use a hair dryer, stove, clothes dryer or any other heat source to dry them.
  • Lay it on a hat rack with the sweatband flipped down and let it air dry.

5. Give It a Gentle Brushing Every Now and Again

If a little dirt, dust or lint is taking a step out of your swagger, get a brim brush.

  • Use a light colored brush for light colored hats.
  • Use a dark colored brush for dark colored hats.
  • Gently brush along the outside in a counterclockwise motion, going with the grain of the leather.
Give Us a Holler

If you’ve got bigger problems in the hat care department, give us a holler. We can give you hard earned advice, steer you in the direction of specific hat care products, or give your hat a professional steaming and re-shaping.