Lindsay, Aspen Store Manager

Best hat shaper in the WORLD

Howdy Folks!! I’m Lindsay, your favorite Cowgirl!!!  I’m originally from PA but now Colorado is my home!!  Born and raised practically on the back of a horse, I am your go to lady for anything from boots, buckles, to hats!  Let’s just touch briefly on hats…….If you want the BEST looking Hat……and I’m talkin’ Cowboy hat…..You better not talk to anyone else but me!!!! Disregard anything that #1 Bad Ass says……I am THE best Hat Shaper in the WORLD!!!!!!! But TRUST me…I won’t stop there!!!!  I will have you walking out with SO MUCH swagger, your friends won’t even know you are from NEW YORK CITY!!!!  So give me a call, or shoot me an email…..but the best way would be to pop into Kemo Sabe and meet me!!!! Don’t be afraid of my confidence….I just know how to make you look good!!!!

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