Royal Nomad Multi-Strand Necklace

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$975.00 $585.00

Royal Nomad Multi-Strand Sunstone, Turquoise and Pyrite Necklace $975


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What happens when you mix one part renowned luxury jewelry designer with one part music producer/entrepreneur and add a dash of romance? The answer lies in the highly covetable collections produced season after season at Royal Nomad.

Part one of that equation, Khristine Remington-Golonka grew up a self-proclaimed nomad- living in both Oregon and California. As a result, she attributes her designs to her perception of the world she travels- a melding of vibrant colors, brilliant textures and unique shapes. Khristine’s repertoire in the fashion realm initially created quite a bit of buzz- with her previous jewelry collections garnering the attention of several major celebrities. Her love for the unexpected is what gives her creations such effortless appeal.


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