Kemo Sabe Grit Coin Purse, Small

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Kemo Sabe Grit Hand-Crafted Coin Purse. Size is 3×4″.  We LOVE branding and personalizing this coin purse!  We have varying colors, most are made of cow hide on one side and leather on the other.  Check out our Large and medium coin purses too. Please contact us directly for purchasing information, or call (970) 925.7878

Call (970) 925-7878 To Order


More than 25 years ago, in the Fall of 1990, in Snowmass, Colorado, Kemo Sabe opened its door for the first time. We have never strayed from our founding principles: Over-the-top Customer Service combined with a passion for the American West. When you’ve been around for 25 years and have traveled a lot of back roads and made thousands of mistakes, you can become GREAT at whatever it is you do. “If you wake up and find yourself a success, then you ain’t been asleep” is our way of explaining it.

As we celebrated our 25th Anniversary in 2015, we proudly launched our own brand… Kemo Sabe Grit

To boast that Grit is hand-made and “Made in the USA” is actually an understatement. Over the years we have scoured what seems like every square inch of the American West searching for the perfect materials and items which we can transform into a piece you will treasure for years….bags, hat bands, belts, and leather goods. And of course… HATS

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