Rios of Mercedes Women’s Tall Tan Picasso

Call (970) 925-7878 To Order


Rios of Mercedes Women’s Tall Suede Tan Picasso boot, also available in black. Available in store, please contact us for purchasing: or call (970) 925.7878.
This design is exclusive to Kemo Sabe, designed by our Kemo Sabe Grit team! Learn more about our designers here.

Call (970) 925-7878 To Order

We have such a great relationship with Rios that we fly down to Mercedes, TX and design each and every boot- down to the infinite detail. They even made a toe style just for us! We call it the KAT – Kick Ass Toe! You just can’t find these styles ANYWHERE!

Even more importantly, we like to call the Rio’s group our friends! They are truly good people. If you’ve ever bought a pair of Rios, you most likely own more than one! They are great fitting boots and the way we design them, they can easily cross over to city life!

Handmade since 1853 –

Rios of Mercedes boots are known worldwide for quality and durability. Since 1853, these boots have been made by hand with only the best materials and attention to detail that is second to none.  There’s a lot to be said about the weight of a boot. We put more into Rios of Mercedes boots because you expect to get more out of them. We’ve always said the hands that make Rios of Mercedes boots take five times longer than average boot makers.