Old Gringo Women’s Adela Black Caiman Short Zip Boot

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We LOVE This Short Black Caiman Boot! Fringe Detail With Zipper. Black $1350

Call (970) 925-7878 To Order

Old Gringo makes some of our best selling Boots. They are famous for tall Boots that look so hot on a lady that most of our customers have several pairs in different colors!

Old Gringo Boots is a manufacturer of 100% handmade boots. The brand is known for its distinctive look, unique and versatile styles and quality of craftsmanship and materials. The brand was started by the founders, Yan Ferry (4th generation French Shoe Cobbler and Founder of Liberty Boots) and Ernest “Ernie” Tarut the “Old Gringo” (Founder of Baja Trading Company).

One day over a decade ago, during a western market, Yan and Ernie developed what we know today as Old Gringo Boots. They drafted an agreement on a yellow legal pad and closed the deal with a hand shake. They embarked on the adventure to create the best fitting boots made from the finest leathers available that will become your favorite boots for years to come.