Where the legend began

“We got our start in Snowmass, but let’s be honest, we weren’t very good … staggering like a toddler taking her first steps across the room. Look, Snowmass is a fabulous ski resort – at the top of the food chain, for sure — but it’s not really in the same league with Aspen when it comes to retail. Three years later, when we moved to Aspen, it was like the other teams had scored 3 or 4 touchdowns on us before we even had the ball. And, there were SIX other “Western” stores in Aspen! But then, the darndest thing happened: Our passion and determination to put our Customers first, and to be all about our Customers, started to gain traction! The rest is history. But I’ll tell you this: Those days with Nancy and me in the store all day, every day and being a part of Kemo Sabe becoming sort of a living, breathing adventure … well, words just can’t explain how fulfilling and rewarding it was. And what drives me, to this very day, is wanting every single person on our Kemo Sabe Team to feel and enjoy that same type of satisfaction.”

Tom Yoder