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Kemo Sabe Badass

Wendy Kunkle

She can be downright tough, yet is also a real softy … never a pushover, but always compassionate.

Everyone at Kemo Sabe obviously wears a lot of Cowboy Hats. What’s your favorite Kemo Sabe Hat to wear—both figuratively and literally? 

The Gus!!!  And, like Augustus McCrae, I tend to lead the posse!

If Hollywood were to make their next blockbuster Western about you, what would it be called?

#1 Bad Ass Rides Again

“Grit” is at the core of Wild West culture. How would you show Grit in your life?

By taking on any challenge that is given to me, including keeping up with a balls-to-the-wall 7-year old!

Kemo Sabe is all about discovering the Wild West. What’s your favorite Western wild spot to go?

To our yurt, Flat Broke Ranch, which is off the grid.  No cell phones and nothing glamorous but nature as far as the eye can see.

What’s the most hardcore Cowgirl thing you’ve ever done?

I used to play with venomous snakes for a living.  Getting too close to a Cobra is as hardcore as I need to get.

If the Aspen Penthouse was all yours for a weekend with zero repercussions, what would you get up to?

A wild girls night out with the Aspen staff!

Grit means taking on any challenge that is given to me.

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