Travel tips, how to properly travel home with your Hat

We sat down with our very own Hat expert, Lindsay Benninger, for the tips and tricks of traveling with your Hat. Read on to know more!

When traveling with your Hat, we prefer it to be worn.  It’s the best and safest way to transport your Hat.  It should be worn proudly!!! When flying and wearing your Hat, simply put it under the seat in front of you, upside down so it is resting on its crown.  Or just hook it on your knee while you enjoy your flight. NEVER put a Hat in the overhead bin.  With luggage shifting in flight it can cause your Hat to get damaged. We do sell hard sided Hat traveling cases if you are unable to wear it on the plane. If traveling with your hat is not an option, we’re happy to ship it home for you.

Once you get home, take your Hat off and place it on a hook by your front door.  This will ensure the Hat is worn in the rain, snow and sun!!!!  Remember, the first Hat was made for just those reasons.  Your Hat will not only look good on you but it will be practical too!!!