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Kate Valdmanis

It sure seems like every Customer, and half of the celebrities in America, know Kate, or at least know of her.

Everyone at Kemo Sabe obviously wears a lot of Cowboy hats. What’s your favorite Kemo Sabe hat to wear—both figuratively and literally? 

I love all my hats—I mostly wear Gus Westerns, but I used to love my KSG Dress Hats—problem was, I kept selling them off my head so now I’m waiting for the next perfect one to come my way!

If Hollywood were to make their next blockbuster Western about you, what would it be called?

“Pink River”—move over, John Wayne! Princess Kate is starring in this one!

“Grit” is at the core of Wild West culture. How do show your grit in your life?

A strong backbone gets you through a lot in this world. I can also shotgun a beer like one of the boys so that helps.

Kemo Sabe is all about discovering the Wild West. What’s your favorite Western wild spot to go?

Here’s the thing—when I’m with my Kemo Sabe Posse—we can make anywhere THE spot to be. Whether we’re on the back of a horse or bellied up to a bar. If you’ve got Swagger, it’ll follow you everywhere you go!

What’s the most hardcore Cowgirl/Cowboy thing you’ve ever done?

Weaning cattle at the LX Ranch in Amarillo with some real, tough Cowboys.

If the Aspen Penthouse was all yours for a weekend with zero repercussions, what would you get up to?

Full-on Cloud 9 style dance party with champagne spraying. Featuring Diana dancing on the table, Arna doing the worm and Wendy challenging people to leg wrestling. Just go with it—we know how to party.

If you’ve got Swagger, it’ll follow you everywhere you go!

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