Tips For Picking out the Perfect Hat

  1. 1. At Kemo Sabe we are trained to help you find the best fitting Hat that not only looks good on you in the store,
  2. but will get plenty of use wherever life takes you.  My first tip would be to let us guide you.
  3. 2. Determine what style you will wear the most. Whether it be a traditional, curled brim cowboy Hat or a more flat brim style Hat.
  4. 3. Let us fit you.  Not everyone knows the size of their head.  We are experts and will make sure your Hat is very comfortable when you are wearing it.
  5. 4. Keep in mind that we are able to steam the Hat or tweak it in many ways. Steaming the hat allows us to reshape the brim (mold it for the perfect curl or scope) or even put fun dents in your Hat. Have you heard of a Sex Dent or Mule Kicks??? Some Hats have a very big brim and it can sometimes be overpowering and look like you’re wearing a true 10 gallon hat.  Another way to tweak a Hat is to cut down the brim to give it a different or proportionate look.
  6. 5. Finally, the Hat is sold separately from the Hat bands that are put around the crown.  We have thousands to pick from to make your Hat fit your personality!!! Following these tips will result in the best looking and best fitting Hat you have ever owned!