Cowboy Boots

Our Boots from Lucchese Classics, Rios of Mercedes, Old Gringo and our very own Kemo Sabe Grit brand are the most respected names in the boot industry. These brands are still made by hand, in much the same manner they’ve been made for over a hundred years. What’s more, they’re comfortable, as they are meticulously designed to fit the human foot, so you’ll actually want to wear ’em!  Our in-house Boot designers have a hand in the design of every Boot we offer — from choosing skins, stitch and cord patterns to toe style and heel. That’s why you won’t find these Boots anywhere else.

The reason we don’t sell our Boots online is because each vendor has a unique fit!  We like to talk you through the process so you get the perfect Boot!  Call us so one of our salespeople can find you the perfect pair that fits your foot and your taste.

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