About Us

Almost every single one of our customers appreciates the West, especially all the things that go along with bein’ a Cowboy: honesty, integrity, havin’ a horse as a friend and pardner and, of course, wearin’ a Stetson and a great pair of boots.

Sometimes Kemo Sabe is referred to as being a  “friendly” place. Well that sure is nice to hear and Nancy and I are proud of it, but any business can be friendly. We want to be a lot more than that. We are determined to be experts at what we do, which is helping you get the hat, or pair of boots, or belt and buckle that is best for YOU!

Picking out the right pair of boots or best Stetson for you is a lot more complicated than ordering up two scoops of chocolate at the ice cream store, so at Kemo Sabe, we invest an awful lot into having the best staff that we possibly can. See, we want to be a lot more than friendly–we want to be real pros.

We’ll make you this promise: when you leave Kemo Sabe, you will have what is best for you. Boots, hats, belts, buckles and anything and everything that we have in our store. We actually love the gear and goods that we have and how they help bring out the best in all of us, most likely ‘cause our stuff has a tie to the West and to the Cowboy. We have been around long enough, and we sell enough, that we’re just not gonna let you get something that isn’t right for you.

We look forward to seeing you and hearing from you.

Tom and Nancy Yoder

owners and founders

P. S. In case you noticed, at Kemo Sabe we always capitalize Cowboy. We figure that if titles like President and Senator should be capitalized, then Cowboy darn well should be too.